Monday, May 26, 2008

Purchase in a Totally Green Community!!

“Yes, the First Totally Green Community
In The United States,
Where? Of Course In California”

CastleView Estates, the leader in innovation for the first certified Environmentally Friendly community in the State of California announces the opening of its Tract 7338 near Pleasanton, California. A unique gated 52 acre Ag and residential community in Alameda County, that borders Pleasanton, California, the CastleView Estates community, although nestled next to Pleasanton, is the first in California to provide a completely environmentally secured gated community with full recycling of its energy use. We have established within the County of Alameda our own Sewer Water District. Being our own Sewer Water and Power District, we pump our own water, purify it and then we recycle it back through our waste system it grows grapes and alfalfa for crops and for ostrich/beef meat; this includes wine grapes. The advanced engineered treatment system for the overflow affluent of the sewer’s disposal is able to clarify it up to 97% making it virtually drinkable. These nutrients go into growing the crops; the system is monitored by computer systems, and is serviceable on an annual basis for a very low cost, making it basically maintenance free, but very high reliability. Power, provided by windmills and solar, helps to offset the costs of our water usage, pumping costs, and maintenance for the association. All of which is under a non-profit organization registered within the State of California for the purpose of providing for its members and residences.

Being the first to totally go green in a community which recycles all of its energy needs and is completely self-contained, it’s such a unique concept in California it took years of planning by the CastleView Estates leaders. The uniqueness of this project is such that very high end homes are built GREEN with certification from the Department of Energy with the Energy Smart label. These homes are constructed from Green materials being environmentally friendly at a cost below the typical market. Therefore, buying scenic view lots and building a home well below the typical high end market by 20-30%. Homes are nestled and hidden from others atop the hills over looking the entire community, not utilizing precious Ag land from below. Secured access in the first gated community in years in this particular area, allows full security for all of its residences yet with the Ag Bent allows them to not only have high end homes, but also participate in the Ag should they want a horse or other type of animal in their particular area, especially given lots up to 2.5 acres.

Homes can be pre-fabricated in a factory environment by Palm Harbor, the Nation’s leader in energy green supplied homes and have an AARP oversight. Unique on-site building allows the construction of very high end expensive homes way below market price. These homes can be constructed in less than nine months and be ready for move-in. Red tape and burocratic delays are minimal with far less middle men involved in this construction. Given the economic change in the housing market, this is an opportunity for those to come in at a lower price which a much nicer home in an environment that is friendly for our community as well as the State of California. We are proud to participate and to introduce this first pioneering concept, proving reality.

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