Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buyers in Northern California!

For all you buyers in Northern Calfornia who want to purchase a Bank Owned or Short Sale property:

1. Please do not believe what you hear or read from the Media.

2. Please listen to the advice of your Realtor.

3. Please believe us when we say the lenders are not willing to give away the properties.

4. Please understand that that the lenders are taking anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent loss on the home.

5. Please understand for the most part the lenders will not take less than listed price.

6. Please understand that when the property is in great condition and in a good location that the there will be multiple offers.

7. Please understand that when there are multiple offers, you need to offer more than listed price.

8. Please understand that real estate in the long run has always gone up in value.

9. Please understand that interest rates will not remain low forever and now is the right time to buy.

10. AND finally, Please understand that there are not any deals! The deals are here right now! Homes are ON SALE right now!!!

Jean Powers, CRS
Windermere Welcome Home

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