Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Back to Your Community!

Give Back to Your Community!

20 Ways to Give Back!!

Have any of you wondered how to find as many ways as possible to give back to your community. Well, here are 20 ways in which you can help others! 20 Simple Ways to Give Back to Your Community. Not every volunteer effort has to change the world. Let your efforts make your corner a little brighter. Here are some simple ways you can improve your community:

1. Help an elderly neighbor rake leaves, grocery shop or do home repairs.

2. Give away free flowers, seeds or plant to a neighbor in the Spring.

3. Put out flags for the Fourth of July in neighborhood front yards.

4. Sponsor a Little League team or any children's athletic team.

5. Become active in the Chamber of Commerce.

6. Start a garden or historical walk.

7. Speak at career day at the elementary school.

8. Repaint a playground.

9. Take your pet to the local senior center.

10. Organize and gather goods & beds for the Women's Shelter.

11. Be a Big Brother or Sister to a child.

12. Encourage homeowners to donate clothing and furniture.

13. Get involved with your local community.14. Sponsor a school to help with their needs.

15. Bring a carload of newspapers,towels & blankets to the animal shelter.

16. Ask a local teacher what supplies his or her class needs most and donate them.

17. Hold a canned food drive and deliver the goods to the food bank..

18. Organize a town or beach clean-up day.

19. Take a lonely child with you when your family goes to the movies.

20. Sponsor a family in need who needs food and clothing.

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