Friday, April 4, 2008

The Housing Market is OK! The High Cost of Oil is Messing Us Up!

I read an article today by Linda Tremblay that I wanted to pass along that says a lot about our market.

Everywhere you go, the news has been about foreclosures and the real estate market going downhill. I hate to tell the press, but if they would leave the housing market alone, we would be fine. Historically, the market has always had peaks and valleys. Along with this the press has send that home ownership is getting beyond our reach. As i have said before, I wish I would of bought about ten houses back then. If I sold them now, even at a reduced sale price now, I would be a millionaire.

The oil industry on the other hand is another story. The oil companies are making billions in profit as we are having to cut back on certain things to be able to drive our cars. That is bad enough and somehow we need to get away from depending on oil for our automobiles. But today I heard that the independent truckers are possibly going on strike because they can not afford the high cost of diesel.

This weekend I saw regular gas at $3.15 and deisel was $4.20. Ouch! Apparently it is costing the trucking industrymore money to run a load than they are making.This is going to cause the price of everything to go up. Look at all the materials and food that is transported by the trucking industry. This is crazy. There ae so many smart people out there, hopefully someone can come up with an alternative method to run our trucks, our homes and our cars. After all, we can send a man to the moon.

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